As many of you are keenly aware, there are people and groups who wish to attack our industry and, sometimes attack us directly.  In looking forward, we see the need to strengthen relationships with those who could offer support in times of attack or challenge. As we do that, we want to be strategic and leverage what is already happening.

To understand what is happening, we need to do something that for some of you may be uncomfortable and out of the norm.  We are asking you to share things you do that are part of who you are and part of living out your passions. Our hope is to gain a view of the activities our Owners take part in to leverage them and to guide our decisions.

Through the following questions we request your input on activities you are already participating in. We are not looking for dollar amounts, but the number of years would be helpful. Ultimately, we want to understand what activities our owners participate in to make the world better and strengthen agriculture. As you answer the questions, please include activities you do personally and those done throughout your dairy/business.

Thank you in advance for your openness. This data will be used internally at Select. Prior to any individual or family stories being used externally, we will seek your approval.

As you answer these questions, please include both those activities which you do personally as well as those that are done through your dairy/business.

We would prefer that you complete a separate survey for each of your Dairy Facilities. However, we have included an area for you to list and identify all your facilities in one survey. If you choose to fill out a survey for each dairy facility individually, click "No" on the question about multiple dairies. Once you have finished with the first dairy and have clicked "Submit Survey", you will be taken to the confirmation page which has a button to add another survey for the next facility. You can repeat this process until you have entered a survey for each facility.